In the Olympia gas burner AG series, there are numerous models available, from domestic small sized burners to industrial large- scale ones. We can offer the most suitable model among those various models for the purpose and the conditons of customers’ needs for Hot Water Boiler, Absorption Chiller, Dry Furnace and others. DEPENDABLE PERFORMANCE The pilot burner is of a flame retention system. It performs the stable flames even in turbulent air flow can be ensured. A strong pilot flame can secure ignition of the main burner. COMPACT CONSTRUCTION Well-arranged layout of the burner head, fan, and controller results entirely compact construction to enable effective use of a small space. EASE OF MAINTENANCE Both the main and the pilot burner are so designed as to allow simple removal and reinstallation, thus providing ease of inspection, cleaning and other maintenance.

SAFETY-FIRST DESIGN The Olympia gas burner has essentially no danger of a backfire as it employs an external (dispersion) mixture combustion method. This ensures stable combustion in a wide range of applications. The burner and controller are safety-first designed in conformity to the safety requirements for the gas appliances and equipment. WE GUARANTEE THAT OLYMPIA GAS BURNERS CATER TO DIVERSIFIED CUSTOMER NEED WITH THEIR HIGH RELIABILITY AND PERFORMANCE.

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1. The specifications and the size might be changed without an advance notice for the improvement.
2. Special specifications: For particular gas, intermediate pressure, and medium pressure supplies other than 13A and LPG, please contact us about gas variation etc

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