• ARC_product_imageDesigned for fast and easy installation, Abrasion Resistant Coating™ (ARC™) consists of a tough fiberglass fabric and a unique abrasion resistant epoxy coating. ARC bonds to a wide variety of materials including metals, composites and concrete. It’s a cost effective way to protect vessels, structures piping and other assets from corrosion, sand erosion and UV exposure. ARC conforms easily to any contour and can be used to protect reducers, tees, elbows and other complex shapes. The system, which is especially effective at soil-to-air interfaces (transition zones), ships in pre-measured kits, containing everything you’ll need for installation.
  • Mechanical Properties

    Attribute Tensile Strength
    Method ASTM D3039
    Value 35,000 psi 

    Attribute Tensile Modulus
    Method ASTM D3039
    3.3 Msi

    Attribute Abrasion Resistance
    Method ASTM G14
    2.82 mils/sec

    Attribute Impact Resistance
    Method ASTM G1
    > 250 ft-lbs

    Thermal Properties

    Attribute Thermal Expansion
    Method ASTM E 831
    Value 15.6 ?m/m/C°

    Attribute Max. Operating Temperature
    Method ASME PCC-2
    121 °C

    Attribute Application Temperatures
    Value 55 °F to 120° F (13 °C to 49 °C)

    System Properties

    Attribute Ply Thickness
    Value 11 mils (0.28 mm)

    Attribute Working Time
    Value 40 minutes at ambient

    Attribute Set Time
    Value 2 hours

    Attribute Cure Time
    Value 24-72 hours

    Attribute Shelf Life
    Value 1 year

    Attribute Stocked Sizes
    Value Available in widths from 2 – 6 inches

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    1. Surface Preparation 
    Remove all soft coatings and media blast the pipe to provide an anchor pattern (NACE- 3 minimum). Wipe the surface with a solvent such as Acetone, Toluene, or MEK.


    2. Apply Wear-Resistant Coating 
    Wearing protective gloves, mix equal parts of the coating. Apply the material to the pipe surface ensuring even coverage (approx. 30 mils).


    3. Apply ARC Wrap to the Pipe 
    Wrap the fiberglass fabric around the pipe tightly, using a cigar wrap method.


    4. Apply Additional Wear-Resistant Coating 
    Ensure that the fabric is completely wet out with the wear-resistant coating.