• LeakStop___MainDesigned for active leaks with a pressure boundary up to 100 psi, the LeakStop™ system is a mechanical clamping solution consisting of a sized Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) shell lined with a gasket and secured by metallic compression bands. The LeakStop™ system is available with gaskets not only for standard service, but also for chemical service applications. The system provides complete fit-up integrity between the sealing gasket pad and the pipe, creating a compression seal to stop the leak. Temperature-rated to 250° F, the system installs quickly with minimal down time.

  • Mechanical Properties

    Attribute Tensile Strength
    Method ASTM D 3039 
    Value 54,000 psi

    Attribute Compression Strength
    Method ASTM D 695
    28,500 psi

    Attribute Barcol Hardness
    Method ASTM D 2583

    Thermal Properties

    Attribute Max. Operating Temperature
    Value 250 °F (121 °C)

    Attrbute Max. Application Temperature
    Value 250 °F (121 °C)

    System Properties

    Attribute Wear Pad Thickness
    Value 0.25 inches (6.35 mm)

  • 1. Position and Secure LeakStop™ Pad
    Position the LeakStop™ pad over the defect. Secure the stainless steel banding clamp over the pad center and tighten the band until the leak stops.

    2. Position and Secure Remaining Bands

    Position and tighten each band using the tensioning tool. Media blast or grind the remaining repair area to create a clean anchor patter, then solvent wipe the surface.

    3. Apply Load Transfer Putty to Band Clamps
    Knead putty until uniform in color. Then apply the putty to the band clips using a “tented profile.”

    4. Apply Epoxy Paste

    Mix and apply a 30 mil coating of epoxy paste. Allow the paste to thicken for 10-15 minutes – a “peanut butter” consistency is desired.

    5. Apply Pipe Wrap® and Topcoat

    Apply provided PipeWrap® using the cigar wrap method. A topcoat may be applied after two hours.

  • Click here to review the technical data sheet.