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    The Pipe Sock™ system is a fiber-reinforced polymer designed to eliminate crevice corrosion problems caused by direct metal-to-metal contact. It consists of a pre-formed, size specific fiberglass wear pad and a specially formulated adhesive system that combines to form a resilient crevice corrosion solution. Additionally, it can withstand temperatures up to 250° F and provide complete fit-up integrity with the pipe, eliminating moisture penetration and condensation cavities.

  • Mechanical Properties
    Attribute Tensile Strength 
    Method ASTM D 3039
    Value 54,000 psi

    Attribute Compression Strength
    Method ASTM D 695
    28,500 psi

    Attribute Barcol Hardness
    Method ASTM D 2583

    Thermal Properties

    Attribute Max Operating Temperature
    Value 250° F (121 °C)

    Attribute Application Temperature
    Value 41 °F to 95° F (5 °C to 35 °C)

    System Properties

    Attribute Wear Pad Thickness
    Value 0.25 inches (6.35 mm)

    Attribue Shelf Life – Black Magic ™
    Value 18 months

  • 01. Remove Pipe from Support
    Lift the corroded pipe off support or stanchion.

    02. Surface Inspection and Preparation
    Brush contact surface with a wire brush and lightly abrade with sandpaper to remove loose dirt and scale. Inspect the area and repair any anomalies, as required.

    03. Apply Black Magic
    Remove release liner from the PipeSock™ and apply Black Magic™adhesive to the inside of the PipeSock™.

    04. Install PipeSock™ and Reposition Pipe
    Carefully position the PipeSock™ on the pipe. Then, lower the pipe on to the support. Taper any excess material with a putty knife.

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