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    The Pipe Wrap® composite repair system, a durable, easy-to-use, pipe repair solution, protects against corrosion, abrasion, and impact in piping applications including petroleum refineries, chemical handling and mining. The Pipe Wrap® material, which is designed to repair leaks up to 450 psi, works underwater and is resistant to heat and harsh chemicals. It is impregnated with fiberglass tape that adheres to PVC, metal pipes and more.


  • Mechanical Properties

    Attribute– Tensile Modulus
    Method– ASTM D638
    659,206 psi

    Attribute– Compression Modulus
    Method– ASTM D695
    53,450 psi

    Attribute– Compression Strength
    Method– ASTM D695
    13,755 psi

    System Properties

    Attribute– Working Time
    Value– 3-5 minutes 

    Attribute– Cure Time
    Value– 30 minutes

    Attribute– Shelf Life
    Value– 2 year

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    1. Position and Secure Compression Seal 
    Seal and clamp leak. Mark the repair zone and abrade the surface using the emery strip. Solvent wipe the repair area.


    2. Apply Load Transfer Putty to Clams
    Knead the epoxy putty until uniform, then apply to the clamp – eliminate sharp edges and form a transition area for composite application.


    3. Apply Epoxy Primer 
    Mix and apply a 30 mil coating of epoxy primer. Allow the paste to thicken for 10-15 minutes – a “peanut butter” consistency is desired.


    4. Apply Pipe Wrap® 
    Apply provided Pipe Wrap® using the cigar wrap method. A topcoat may be applied after two hours.

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