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    The SplashGard™ system is a specialized coating system designed to easily adhere to wet steel surfaces and prevent corrosion. It is comprised of SplashBond™ Adhesive undercoating and Splash Wrap fiberglass cloth outerwrap, impregnated with moisture cured urethane (MCU) resin. The SplashGard™ system not only resists wave action and corrosion, but can also be applied underwater to provide structural reinforcement – perfect for use on risers.

  • Mechanical Properties

    Attribute Tensile Strength
    Method ASTM D3039
    51,800 psi

    Attribute Tensile Modulus
    Method ASTM D3039
    3.01 x 106 psi

    Attribute Poisson’s Ratio
    Method ASTM D3039

    Thermal Properties

    Attribute Thermal Expansion
    Method ASTM E831
    Value 10.2 ?m/m/°C

    Attribute Heat Distortion Temperature
    Method ASTM D648
    205 °C

    Attribute Max Operating Temperature
    Method ASME PCC-2
    185 °C

    Attribute Application Temperature
    Value -50°F to 120°F -46°C to 49°C

    System Properties

    Attribute Ply Thickness
    Value 22 mils (0.022 inches)

    Attribute Working Time
    Value 20 – 30 minutes

    Attribute Set Time
    Value 2 hours

    Attribute Cure Time
    Value 24 hours

    Attribute Shelf Life
    Value 1 year with proper storage

    Attribute Stocked Sizes
    Value From 2″ X 12′  to 12″ X 90′

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    1. Surface Preparation 
    Remove all soft coatings and media blast the pipe to provide an anchor pattern (NACE 1 preferred). On dry surfaces, wipe the surface with a solvent such as Acetone, Toluene, or MEK. For structural repairs, mix and apply filler putty or paste to any defects.
    2. Apply SplashBond 
    Mix equal parts of the SplashBond™ Epoxy Primer until uniform. Apply the primer to the pipe surface as instructed. Allow the primer to sit until a “peanut butter” thickness is achieved.
    3. Apply SplashWrap 
    Follow the wrapping instructions for Pipe Wrap™ or A+ Wrap™, as applicable for the repair.
    4. Apply SplashBond™ Outer Coat 
    Allow the material to cure. Then, mix and apply a coating of SplashBond™ as an outer coating.

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    Read Case Study of Pipe Wrap® – Underwater Structural Strengthening: http://infrastructure.milliken.com/site/user/files/40/Antioch-TN-Case-Study-SplashGuard.pdf